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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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cleveland zone fox 8 news in the morning. good morning cleveland and northeastern ohio, presidents' day across america, the 15th day of february 2016, 8:00 o'clock. thank you for joining us wayne dawson. kristin capel -- kristi capel, some good, still looking at snow in some spots but the temperatures coming up 18, light snow beginning to finally moved back out again but the forecast is going to bring in another panhandle, deepening system in the deep south and it will start out arkansas contract through kentucky through western pennsylvania. what will happen the temperatures t into the 30s so the initial push into southern ohio rain first and eventually transition to snow late this evening and overnight tonight. began, this will be tricky with a lot of my old they are in place so mixture of rain, wet
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okay but heading into tonight, we start to see some accumulation but again, heavier accumulations close to pennsylvania line than what we see in cleveland and pointing to the west, you know what time it is time for traffic with patty. absolutely thank you scott, good morning to everybody theha roadways doing okay, later volumes and we normally do as it is presidents' day, reports of another accident off the freeways east 55th and broadway. the other accidents today off the freeways so some of the side streets more slick and definitely the highways. the other accidents actually accident actually on the north marginal at 56. that is where we have a shot of it, the flashing lights up in the distance. that isi where the accident ms.. be off the roadways and not affecting along 90. this is a peek from west 25th, very little volume on this
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if you have to travel but watch some slick spots. yvonne 60tcs minutes come, 471, northbound wayne and christie back to you guys. topping the headlines chelsea clinton coming to cleveland. the daughter of presidential clinton -- hillary clinton live in the city with a previewli of it, good morning. wayne and christie good morning commit political campaign season well underway and the campaign trail is a big plays for the family. one of the family members in town today, chelsea clinton, coming to cleveland come expected to talk to primary voters about how her mother will make a difference for families in preston what is at stake of the election. hillary clinton on the campaign trail in nevada, to come from semi final voters before early votingng begins. that the
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doors open up 1:30 but according to the ceo, printed the space out for the event, 100 senior citizens but unfortunately it is that event, two days before early voting on wednesday but you have to make sure you are registered by tomorrow if you want to take y part in early voting in to ohio. thank you. news this morning to tell you about ohio is planning to vote nextvo month's primary but what happened to register, registration forms online, and at local libraries in the county board of elections.of must be postmarked by tuesday night. county board of tu elections to stayle open nine tomorrow night too expect in early voting in ohiohi starts wednesday.y. the search continues monday morning for a cleveland man wanted but they deadly shooting
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party early sunday morning. the please have a warrant for hisoror arrest and officers described him armed and dangerous. his last known address east 97th street in the city and anyone with information on the whereabouts asked to call the police department. treated up metro with wrong way crash that killed another person in brooklyn please say 48-year-old man driving eastern the westbound lanes and then crashed into a car driven by 21-year-old woman ridge road 4:30 sunday morning when she died at the scene. the please have not released the names of those involved but the male drivers condition is unknown at this c hour but unclear what charges he could face. the police department a proposal mayor has presented to his residence come all about saving money struggling to pay the bills, fox 8 with more on the proposal. needless to say it's not a popular ideas but one edison village believes entirely
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constraints forced to deal with and more than 30 percent of annual budget on -- a levy that past two years ago provided additional funds but even when enough to pay for three full-time officers and there should be six. open letter to residence, the mayor suggest contracting with madison township to provide police protection. thelic situation with the firee department the mayor says makes most economic sense but residence not likingc it. my family and my children have something there and i think i would definitely pay to have our police officers here. the mayor says it would cost me hundred $36,000 to staff the police department with six full-time officers contracting with medicine township to provide police protection $575,000 in gift the village 24/7 with police substation
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the community cannot afford at this point such as detectives to investigate serious crimes but the proposal to counsel tomorrow night with plenty of time for public comment before final decision is made but council expects to make that decision but then within the next week. fox 8 is keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long. look at what is in. scary moments, catches fire feud as majorfe embarrassment but the backlash to promote india as attractive destination for billions of investment dollars. been a fire started, trying to make manufacturing hub in china, but then this whole thing started what they are looking out this morning, we heard about maybe fireworks possibly schwarzer que bec cause displays at the base of the elaborateuse stage is dancers performing and the fire spread to scaffolding flames rising from the sky
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week long event -- event "make in india", a lot of investigators him firefighters trying to figure out what happened but obviously a major blow to the event. we send it back to you. crazyt footage, 8:zebras seven, flags half staff in honor ofno supreme court justice. still to come to death of justice antonin scalia, major effect of fish years presidential election. place officer in critical condition shot in the head, manage to catch the shooters. the trade rumors are swirling but the big changes coming to cleveland cavaliers. we will talk about it in just a couple of minutes.mi scott, good morning fox 88 hour forecast, through the middle of the late afternoon the couple of 30s on the board snow shower will be quick hitters but began to see slushy wet snow
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we will have a look when we come back. making all kinds of new friends out here. and when we come back we will give you a marriage of fun activities to do, kicking it with cannae.
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a little madonna. she is classic music, you know quick she's aging gracefully. i believe she is a mother now. you consider how she started out. everybody grows up.. most of us, yes. . -- >> most of us. what happened here? got sidetracked over there.
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me are at me?- the webcam time lapse, light snow, light to moderate snow, aunt in cleveland earlier, beginning to move out with some flurries, snow showers developing further south near akron but the accumulations about a half an inch, not the snow we have been talking aboutta coming in later tonight, totallylk separate clearing out, mansfield look at the m temperature starting to go back up to lower middle 20s, the forecast into the 20s by noon today, 24, 22 canton. the snow that we will getg tonight commit it has not developed yet in effect a front stalled outet in the deep south. system number one moving out, a, panhandle to develop to trek throughev kentucky and it will start to lift up the rain, changing over to wet snow but eventually temperatures into the lower 30s.
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that will lift up to northern ohio overnight. the forecast today, couple upon and off relatively light snow showers l throughout the morning the most of us well into the middle 30s with small accumulation. now, this evening, we truck a wet snow. we have not hadt a slushy, wetw snow inet something like this, certainly not used to because look at the overnight lows, 30s for you have to remember the winter weather advisory for these counties along the pennsylvania line the core of the heavy snow will be. the forecast the atmosphere the winning cake layers of thef wedding cake, the atmosphere is similar, layers of temperatures and one of the reasons why youu see the rain, wet snow come eventually all snow overnight tonight in early tomorrow. the differences in temperatures, that's why we have under an inch west in cleveland, and then can we start to increase those
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probably half of aum foot, most of this midnight late morning in the morning commute tricky but then eventually temperatures climb into the 30s, and then check out we were talking about one extreme to the other 32 thursday to near 50 friday, i will step out with some rain friday to saturday, melt off the snow wet snow by next monday. fox 8 news official closing state closing station. antonin scalia, according to a source familiar but the k said the decision was made by the family and officials in texas. that justice died in his sleep, government source said he went
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unresponsive saturday morning leading conservative voice on the high court in his death starting a major political battle over his successor because he could tilt the court in democrats favor. two mississippi man shooting a police officer in the head duringr a robbery behind bars this morning the place say led shooter and his partners surrendered last night. the clarksdale police chief said corporal david couch in critical condition at this hour in shock all getting out of his car near the robbery scene and his family says couch lost and i and a bullet the bullet lodged in his brain, they say he's alo fighter. members of the british indie rock band got into a car extant want to work in sweden. the car plunged from a bridge into a canal south of stockholm. the band had just played had a festival on friday. fellow british prince tweeting condolences over the last of the release of their first --'s
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southwest music festival austin, texas next month. major drug bust, in australia seizing $1 billion worth of ice or meth shipment of silicon bra inserts them and for people charged and one of the laws -- largest in australia history. that story ofa the 2 people arrested for allegedly having sex on las vegas paris will more bizarre. apparently these two people just met each other and he was in town to marry anotherea woman in his girlfriend of two months, but then he mistakingly believe that she was pregnant with another man's baby, so we had a, few drinks, met up with another woman in they went to the highroller commit and show some having sex in one person recorded it on their phone. the fiance e actually help to bail him out of. jail set despite everything, he has a good heart
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forgiving lady. your time 15 minutes after 8:00 o'clock and we are talking cavaliers this a morning. good morning. the indian trade deadline and kevin love going to boston, maybe three team trade deal but it will not happen but lebron, we are asking this morning the cap need to make a move before the trade deadline? the cavs cannot prove and kevin love not durable and so looking for somebody else, positive and will play out for a championship for cleveland which is goodt news kevin love one of the best players lebron the dumbest move in the world. and if they are going to make a trait now is the time. that is correct because family have until thursday but at the fund that you will not get much going. tracy saidg i'm not a huge basketball fans a, seems to be the only sports team to win so
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leave love alone. give the cafe chance, we are all in and want to see that will come back. here is some voicemails that came in. come about those cavaliers? it's get charlie johnny meatball up init there, need to stay with the team. to make it to the championship with the cleveland t teams to get this team going and you start breaking them up and you windg up on the bottom. you don't want to play the what if game but what if we didn't trade, then what if we had? what if tyree and kevin love had been healthy four of last year's final, probably. to the cavs need to make a move before the
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piece to move somebody else may e draft picks to come in, to come another scenario people are posing. here is how to get a hold of us to ho leave your comments fox facebook tweet, instagram fox 8 news cleveland text (216)346-3888. voicemail, i don't see anybody out there right now that would impact the team in a good way,. don't think we have enough. and he's -- i don't think he will be let go. he has some attitude issues couple of freight -- flagrantt styles, and doesn't want to deal with that situation. may be a change of scenery. appreciate it, it o'clock a short time smart phones have change the ways we communicate. changing the way we findng friends. plus a rock 'n roll all night long at this
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officially have a winner. three of your friends, giving away for tickets to see journey sometime
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so come back fox 8 news in the morning 8:22 on president stage, kenny chesney to get youe started, kenny crumpton braving the elements this morning and having a good t time lake mitchell park. good morning it is a beautiful, beautiful holiday and we are having a good time. we will show you guys some great ideas what you can do with the family. you have classic country classic skis. snow skiing, like
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moving your arms with that like you are a robot, go the lake that nice and easy, start small. but you can burn a lot of calories, down the trails you guys are having. that is a way to what they know know. nice and smooth, keep your skis and there andu are going to skate ski. prices much scout -- calories. you would grow a lot faster at skate ski. go ahead and make another another big loop, that is cool and see how fast they go, and that is pretty much more advanced than traditional cross country skiing, correct?
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up but let's go down this trail here, picking up in popularity, snow biking. and they just took the mountain bikes and put them on steroids and this is what theyy god. a new sport, different areas where guys can snow d bike, you're not allowed to snow bike on this trail, we prepare that for skiing for anywhere else we allow bikes coming connected trail you can do that, there we see some snow. and actually, about 3 miles worth and in concorde, eight more miles out there.. the -- he's actually wearing
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like to run in the wintertime. they are a lot later. let's go this way as we tell people about thewe hours they can come out today. today, we, we are open 9- 9 all the way until eleven o'clock. that we have 300 pairs of skis, 80 pairs have snow shoes and so expect some people to come out and try this two day. i would expect so, all right, guys, having a great time make metro part some cross-country skiing and a lot of fun and typically, the rest of you guys, that is a good workout. nice. 6:45 is the time, today commit she is on the campaign trail chelsea clinton in the city of cleveland and we will let you know where she is speaking plus what you need to know about the upcoming election. and they call it a personal
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new year in am cup later in this hour. are you ready for it? making it look very easy. thank you, good morning, 22 westlake snow moving out and we see redevelopment but the question is when. we will have a look when we come
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welcome back fox 8 news in the morning. thanks for wakingk up with us 8:30 on the morning show and it looks cold, dozen at? it is cold but it's warming up, that is the good news wayne dawson. kristihe capel met good morning, start. twenty-two remember yesterday morning below zero temperature so finally seeing a pattern shift but the drawback to a pattern like this when it ships and we start to see the temperatures climbinge like this, deepening system over arkansas,s, it means one of two things, one
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weather with a burst of snow, and that is what will happen deep over arkansas trekking through west kentucky and western western portions of pennsylvania. we start to see snow on the front side of this commit beginning to see a little bit in southern ohio to lift back to the north, some rain with wet snow is temperatures climb into the low 30s come anticipating to move then after sundown make it to the mid-30s, melt off a little bit of the snow but add to it a general snow, winter weather advisory for eastern counties on the pennsylvania line. rain to wet snow and all of a suddenlyo burst -- a burst of snow, heaviest accumulations closer too youngstown in cleveland, 1 inch to the west of cleveland 1-2, 3-6 further east.
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and also media sites, post-it that just as we need to back to youu guys. thank you very much. the tub story at the democratic race between hillary clinton him bernie sanders is becoming a tight one with both candidates pushing for your boat. today a visit from one candidate, so obvious send the family name, chelsea clinton, how are you deb. good morning, good morning everyone. who better to have on the campaign trail than your very own daughter? chelsea clinton will be here today in cleveland while hillary is out in nevada. chelsea making a stop throughut cleveland it out and vote event two days before earlyt voting early voting does begin february 17, chelsea clinton will attend organizing event and expected to talk to primary voters about how her mother will make a difference for families as president and what isfe at stake in the selection?
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hillary clinton narrowly won the iowa caucuses but lost new hampshire primary to vermont senator bernie sanders last week. now today's cleveland event starts at twowe o'clock at the taylor center and the local democratic party tells fox 8 all the available tickets for the event have been claimed so sorry about that you cannot go to that but looking ahead if you want to see hillary and bernie in columbus, at an event before primary voting march 15 and the weekend before that. so you can get tickets if you want to hear more from themo. today, thank you. also top and they headlines northeastern ohio, t eliminate the police department. it ise expensive. check in with stacey frey to explain what we are talking about. nobody wants to hear the police department might be t eliminated freshly where residents feel like they are paying high houston, texas. medicine
8:33 am
open letter, sam brittain with contracting police serviceses medicine township, and the community that medicine village three officers. itvill cost $650,000 to from the department. they should have six officers to crop -- to caused a hundred $30,000 and the village to spend on everything itil provides. the township to provide place township please township as it does to savevep money and get the community better service according to the mayor.ay not thrilled about theor idea. an excellent thing happening. and the taxes, should be able to afford the police department. and the council but they look at the proposal tomorrowl night, plenty of time to way again but the councilmembers with a final decision whether to develop the
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weeks. thank you. the perfect day. the honeymoon phase. the cleveland municipal court, the perfect place for them to seal feel their commitment to each other. there was no way i was letting her get away. come to get married, and no way to pass up on that opportunity. and so on top of it. we can see that the love is c they are, the commitment to one another and that it really is the foundation of an strong community. thaton is why we are committed to
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this was the eighth straight year, the municipal judges have t performed valentine's day weddings. and in that time they marry close m to 200 couples. congratulations. a group of pennsylvania rockers ahead following the final exam at the rock 'n roll hall of fame high school drop off. the band, again, fairview one this contest for the second straight year. the final exam with a dozen fans, mostly from northeast ohio. if you are just getting up the time happens to be a:35 monday morning. kicking around on presidents' day showing love to hundreds of girls on valentine'sin day, and test out
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devices the one and only five
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the honda north america organization. and first of all, it's pretty cool he's a natural.
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already have it figured outu, explain. this beats a hoverboard. i feel like it's safer. a lot more stable and just because you're sitting down upon a hoverboard, can join your upper body, lot of different points but now you're sitting down, but ealing front side. very easy to control. this has made by honda and explain where they came up with us. this is part of the robotics technology as theyar develop using, the research with a human robot. balancing technology and what we did is designed this for people that can walk but maybe not for long periods of time.
8:40 am
kids to the amusement park. >> top speeds 4 miles an hour which doesn't seem like much until heading for that fair. they are. explain how this works. as when goes about. one big wheel, across the front, side to side commit 360-degree direction. in very subtle. and so -- and so now he can't turn around. they designed it to turn a couple of steps. look where you are going. how does it feel, wayne? it feels like a wheelchair, kind
8:41 am
absolutely. and then they can go forward. they should have noth problems. what about stopping? it just teamed up and it will fall over, not a problem. they do have an extension that they are developing to set you up a little higher but most the park all the same size. i think that is a greatat invention. cap to master it going forward. you know what commit into minutes i've become somewhat of ann expert.,. because you go one way or the out there. and that's the other thing designed to take up the same
8:42 am
so not too encompassing -- inconvenience others so once this goes on the market, how are we going to sell this? you know what is funny we designed it for thew elderly. like we take it, somebody comes up with a new case for it. love this thing. . it would definitely love that. exactly right, very. nice. and so many uses for its when it when they designed it. and you can go purchase one. it is a little early to say to be honest, tested in japan but allow people to release the museum. and they can just do what they do. but do you like about it? it's very easy, very
8:43 am
off you go, out the park with your kids going where you want toa go. very nice, thank you very much. thanks for showingng up. we appreciate you coming up this morning. we don't know the price but we will once it goes on the market, we have some great ones up here, no doubt about that, very cool. more information about this on fox, click on the morning showow tab. is one of these. he would love this. hello, you guys. ohio out doors, and i'm doing traditional cross country skiing, to help me out, but that you do what they call skiing.
8:44 am
of all the things you can do out here. kids two years old 282 years old. my goodness, run for your life. [laughter] tell about coming out here. and bring your family. oh, my back to you guys in the
8:45 am
chased by dinosaurs. it reminds me of this movie this we can called godzilla love. wow!. you want to let you know what is happening 8:46 and we hope you have a goodd day. coming up. 2 amazing dance and tickets to see them alivem journey, coming up later this hour. i love the "doobie brothers" but outside, cold temperatures are the order of the day, plus met there is a warm-up on the way. we will be back with the forecast in a couple of minutes, hey, tod, good morning. the nba trade deadline this
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love, the cavaliers, your
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come back to fox 8 news in the morning, the forecast is concerned. i nice warm up in the eight i day. and absolutely 50 on the eight day but we have to get to that 50, temperatures middle 20s we have some light snow come almost a drizzle snow. as the winds from the west/southwest, temperatures lower middlee 20s. might be a break ups -- sun further south has not developed, and there will be a low developing over
8:49 am
into northwestern pennsylvania, and that the fighting line between they heavier snow and the lighter snow to thettw west will be close snowfall tricky, a foregone conclusion and some of this in the form of rain and wet snow initially. and notice as we had further east. increasing these numbers, 6 inches so that dividing line will be between cleveland and youngstown as you had further west, dropping considerably come a quick look at the eight day forecast now. tomorrow morning will be a mess with snow especially driving on the turnpike s east to the west, not soo much, 30s, wednesday, nothing pick but thursday, friday we start to see some
8:50 am
come anticipating rain approaching 40s over the weekend, fox 8 news sure official school closing station. thank you veryat much, love was certainly in the air valentine's day we can many couplesn with unique place. some couples in new york birds eye view saying ideas from the top of the empire state building, 86th floor, the couples who got married yesterday won a contest for the most touching love story high school student in utahcome a lot of attention from the ladies. made sure every student had a happy valentine's day, 20 volunteers to each classroom at their high schooll and every single female students, he has a plan in the works since he was a freshmane but the sheer, brought 900 carnations out of his own
8:51 am
to be happy this valentine's day. he really is a ladies man. it has changed how some people find love and changing how people -- a study pound college students as their favorite dating out -- but consist they are not using the up toon date, they never even con with using the popular app. more than half of the students say they are using that dating app to find friends. so wit is surprising but one carted -- college student says it depends on definition of friends. tech -- tech experts have a message for appleh users, iphone or ipad don't live in the past, could permanently crash or phone. if you set the date on your phone back to the earliest setting possible january 11970 empower the phone off and on again he will be stuck with
8:52 am
again, experts say, it will run your phone forever peck to the bookstores these days, census bureau say rose by 2.5 percent from 10.9. gentlest to 11.2 belgian and the first over the increase for thehe industry that has struggled against e-books since 2007. i love bookstores. just walkingal around and holding the book in hand. i agree.e. good morning, guys. nba trade rumors coming around and ofrade course, carmelo anthony, lebron said it is not going to happen but you teams, and the idea, kevin love, carmelo coming here and expanding it out, and a deadline this thursday. some comments, kevin love stores
8:53 am
championship when the team went cold. . we do not need to make any trade just jet. off of the instagram page, keep k love. just the way itov is. i would tend to agree. never get better by trading players and coaches constantly but reminder, that weekly basis. no move, how do they expect to get a -- leave well enough alone. good chemistry, that is for e sure. they become a legitimate threat to the warriors, cj. definitely the scoring. and relic, that is the thing, too, they would never let defense like they have n now. and the comments again, rumors, the
8:54 am
fox 8. four minutes until 9:00 o'clock in the morning on monday morning and it was a night to remember for kanye west so maybe one may want to forget. and takes to twitter to reveal some personaltt information. we are giving away tickets tend and the next few minutes. journey
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we will be back in a few. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel,
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it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! keep it down! i'm arrrr, that's not even
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